2018 in Review… Counting Our Blessings

Yes…another of those ‘Year in Reflection’ blogs! While self-promoting in nature, it also gives us time to share the happenings at CSL with many of you, and to extend our sincere thanks to you, our clients, who entrust your testing with us and allow us to exist.

2018 was the ‘Year of USP!’…and more.

With USP <232><233> becoming effective on January 1st, we saw method validation, verification and screenings continue throughout the year, as we assisted Pharma clients with their risk assessments pertaining to Elemental Impurities. Over the past 3 years alone, CSL has conducted over 1,400 spike screenings, method validations and method verifications for the Pharmaceutical industry. That’s a lot of digestions!

The USP general chapter changes also affected our Dietary Supplement customers, in that USP <2232><233> also became effective at the beginning of the year. While USP<2232> is voluntary in nature, USP <233> defined the method by which Dietary Supplements should be tested. The ‘USP Seal of Approval’ also provided a more visible measure by which clients could publicly display their commitment to quality standards, and CSL was able to help many by conducting screenings and validations of finished products and raw materials alike.

Personal Care Products and Cosmetics testing also grew over the course of the year, thanks to our clients who gave many references to others in the industry who were seeking out qualified labs to test both active ingredients as well as impurities (roughly 40% of our new clients come to us via referrals!). CSL expanded its public presence in this market by participating again in both the NYSCC and PCPC conferences.

Internally, we added fun stuff like new Auto Digesters, Auto Samplers, a Trace Clean vessel cleaner, line conditioners, and yet another ICP-MS instrument. Not particularly exciting for our ‘non industry’ friends, but downright exciting for folks like us!

Of course, instruments need people to run them, and we added to our team there as well (see Holiday Photo for evidence!), bringing our total CSL family to 38 strong. We’ve all heard the dull drone of the CEO saying ‘Employees are our greatest asset.’ Well, this CEO will say that as well, but hopefully without the dull drone – our people rock…and, every day they make the instruments sing, the digesters digest, get your samples entered and reported correctly, let you know where the heck your samples are in the process, and answer your questions – promptly!

We never stop wondering at the marvel of a company – and our company – and the role it plays in providing a service to our customers, while providing a living for our people. Without the trust of you, our customers, none of this happens. So from the bottom of our hearts – thank you.

Enjoy the time with family and friends over the holidays, and here’s to a wonderful New Year!

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