Pricing – SGS Chemical Solutions Laboratories Inc. reserves the right to change its analytical fees. All analytical fees are valid for thirty (30) days from the date of the issued quotation or fee schedule, or as otherwise noted on the quotation.

Confidentiality and Reporting – The confidentiality of client information is strictly maintained through all aspects of sample receipt, testing and reporting.  Reports and information are issued only to the clients who have submitted the work or as otherwise directed by the client in writing. If results are subpoenaed by a regulatory or legal body, all effort will be expended to notify the client prior to submitting such information, if possible. SGS-CSL may sign an acceptable confidentiality agreement as required which can be provided by client or by SGS-CSL, upon request.

Copies of the final laboratory report are emailed to the client as part of the analytical fee.  Original copies may also be sent via regular mail, if requested by customer. Charges for express mail services and sample shipping are extra.

Priority Service – Expedited turnaround times (i.e. same day, next day, 3-day) are available. Premium charges may be imposed for rush analysis and shall be agreed upon by both parties.  All rush samples must be approved by SGS-CSL prior to the samples being processed and cost communicated to client.  Standard turnaround service will be consistent with our goal of 5 business days.

Limitation of Liability – SGS-CSL shall not be held responsible for any incidental, indirect, or consequential damages (including loss of profits) incurred by Client or any third party caused by services performed by SGS-CSL or by application or use of reports or other information provided by SGS-CSL; and Client agrees to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless from any such damages or liability except to the extent arising out of the gross negligence or misconduct of SGS-CSL.

Notwithstanding any other provision herein, SGS-CSL’s liability and client’s exclusive remedy for any cause of action arising here under, whether based in contract, negligence, or any other cause of action, shall be limited to the compensation received by SGS-CSL from client for the services rendered. SGS-CSL provides analytical services based upon the request of our clients. We do not accept any legal responsibility for any purpose for which a client may use the results. The liability of SGS-CSL is limited to the fee, which it has charged for its services. All claims, including negligence or any other cause shall be deemed waived unless made in writing and received by SGS-CSL within 90 days after SGS-CSL’s completion of the services.

Payment Terms – Terms of payment are net 30 days from client’s receipt of invoice for clients with approved credit.  New clients or those clients who have not yet established credit approval, may pay for services via credit card or by check, at the time of sample submission.

Sample Containers and Collection – It is the responsibility of the client to insure proper sampling technique prior to sample submittal and transport under proper storage/preservation conditions to SGS-CSL’s laboratory.

Sample Retention – All samples are retained for a period of two weeks after all testing has been completed. If samples need to be archived for a longer term, please contact SGS-CSL.

Sample Disposal – After the retention period, SGS-CSL will dispose of all non-hazardous samples at no cost to the client. If requested, samples may be returned to the client at the client’s expense. However, because of the liability and high disposal costs associated with hazardous material samples, these samples will be returned to the client at the client’s expense. All ownership of waste remains with the waste generator even when the waste is removed from the initial source. If required, samples may be returned to the client/generator for proper disposal.

Performance standards – SGS-CSL hereby warrants, and does not express or imply any other warranties, that it will devote its reasonable best scientific knowledge, procedures and judgment consistent with the professional standards of the analytical testing industry, in performing the analytical services requested by our clients. In undertaking laboratory analyses and reporting results, SGS-CSL warrants only the results of analyses from the samples as submitted.