At SGS, we are committed to helping our clients with their scientific endeavors, which can lead to some interesting studies and advancements in methodology and technique. We have here a sampling of some of studies we have done to give you an idea of some of the special projects and type of work we are capable of completing.

Milestone Features SGS in Case Study

Recently, Milestone featured SGS in a Case Study highlighting how we use their equipment in our lab. The study reviews the recent updates to USP <232>, <233> and <2232>, and how Milestone microwaves help us digest our high volume of samples. Read more here: Case Study-Chemical Solutions-USREV021119

Cosmetic Testing

Cosmetic Testing – A Case Study

The Problem: A cosmetic manufacturer had an in-house lab, capable of performing ICP analysis of raw ingredients and finished product for both Active Ingredients and Elemental Impurities.  However, increasing demand for testing of its products and raw materials, both in the U.S. and abroad, was stretching the capacity of its lab.  Additionally, they needed a… Read More >

SGS Tackles DMSO

In the trace elemental analysis industry, it is not uncommon for us to come across substances that we know will be complicated to analyze. At SGS, we don’t toss around the word “impossible” in our lab. We welcome challenges by having a “Bring It On” type of attitude. So, when we… Read More >