QualitySGS is committed to analytical data of the highest quality and to the continuous improvement in all areas of operation. Only officially approved procedures and techniques will be used, when available. Analyses will be performed with an emphasis on exacting quality, timeliness and legal defensibility.

SGS maintains a Quality Manual and SOPs which meet the standards for our ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accreditation. These documents include quality policies and objectives as well as a documentation of technical procedures. SGS is one of the only laboratories in the United States that is ISO 17025:2017 accredited to the USP Chapters <232>, <233>, <2232>, <1225>, and <1226>. Copies of the Quality Manual and SGS internal SOPs are available upon request.

Quality Assurance Reviews

Performance/System Audits.
Audits are a fundamental component of a quality system. Internal audits are performed at least annually. In addition, SGS participates in proficiency testing programs to maintain our accreditation.

External Audits. These audits include regulatory agencies, customers, or their representatives. SGS undergoes on-site audits by its ISO accreditation body, the FDA, and various clients for cGLP/cGMP compliance. All clients are welcome and encouraged to visit our facility. During customer audits confidentiality is a priority. Only records for that client and those records which do not violate other clients’ confidentiality shall be reviewed.