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How to submit samples for analytical testing

If you’re wondering how to submit samples for analytical testing, this blog is for you! The first step is to speak with a member of our team to set up testing if you are new to us or if you are exploring new testing options. Then you will be provided with a Sample Submittal Form…. Read More >


Top tweets from the #TOXEXPO #2017SOT

If you ask those in attendance at the Baltimore-based Tox Expo this week, about their experience, we’re certain that some would talk about the snow. While no one in the toxicology industry created ‘expo snow,’ that we know of, a late winter snow storm certainly dominated the conversation online. It also kept some of us… Read More >


PQL & Analytical Testing

A common question we receive here at Chemical Solutions is in relation to PQL. What is it? What does it mean? And how does this relate to my results? PQL stands for practical quantitation limit. Simply put, this is the lowest level at which the method can confidently discern between two different values. This is… Read More >

Validations & Verifications for Elemental Impurity Testing

Given the current and pending changes to the USP General Chapters <232><233>, there has been much discussion and activity with respect to validation – or verification – of testing methods, as method validation must be specific to the matrix and elemental impurities within a given product or ingredient. SGS has conducted… Read More >

Extractables and Leachables

Extractables & Leachables – Elemental Impurity Testing

Most are aware that the packaging for pharmaceuticals must be free of unwanted impurities.  Not only do we wish to understand levels of impurities from a toxicological standpoint; but also, from the perspective of ensuring that the materials found within the packaging do not negatively impact the active ingredients (APIs) within the finished product.  This… Read More >

Elemental Impurities in Drug Products

Changes to Testing for Elemental Impurities in Drug Products

As most industry professionals are aware, the USP has fully promulgated the regulations for testing for Elemental Impurities in drug products. This will take full effect in January 2018, replacing the century-long methodology for testing for heavy metals. Upon implementation, the use of the older USP <231> methodology will no longer be acceptable for existing… Read More >

heavy metals testing

We Are Heavy Metals Testing

SGS is an analytical testing lab. We test for anything that someone can put in or on their body. We focus exclusively on heavy metals testing, which allows our lab to provide premier expertise, quality and customer service. In less than two minutes, we’ll share our holistic approach to chemistry, the… Read More >

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