SGS is now officially part of SGS North America!  We’ll now be known as SGS (SGS), and you’ll continue to receive the same level of service – and more – that you’ve come to trust and expect from CSL over the years. On May 3, 2019, SGS… Read More >

Happy 150th Birthday to the Periodic Table!

“The periodic table is arguably the most important concept in chemistry” – Peter Atkins, chemist. This month (March) marks a huge anniversary for chemists and chemistry lovers all over the world. 150 years ago, Russian chemist Dmitrii Ivanovich Mendeleev created the periodic table of the elements. Mendeleev’s table has become a staple not only in… Read More >

CSL Adds USP <1660> to Repertoire of Testing

In response to the most recent revision for USP <1660> Evaluation of the Inner Surface Durability of Glass Containers, SGS has taken the lead in optimizing, validating and supporting the newest recommendations of applying the ICP impurities testing portion of the standard to meet current guidelines. What’s the big deal? The… Read More >

USP 232/233

Evolving from the 100 Year Old USP <231> Method to USP <232/233>

Many of our clients are concerned because they are not sure how they should implement the Permissible Daily Exposures (PDEs) laid out in the new USP guidelines. We discuss unique routes of administration and unlimited serving sizes on a weekly basis. But the most common issue is how to “update” the use of USP <231>… Read More >

USP 2232

Nutraceuticals & USP <2232>

Nutraceuticals are defined as products that are derived from food sources that provide health benefits in addition to their basic nutritional value. These include the herbal supplements & those claiming botanical origins. Nutraceuticals also range in contents, sometimes including the entirety of a food (like ginseng) or just components that have been isolated from a… Read More >

USP 232/233

Elemental Impurities and Compliance With USP <232/233>

As referenced in previous blogs, and on the minds of many of our clients, is the topic of Elemental Impurities and compliance with the U SP <232/233> requirements and recently the FDA released information that can be incredibly helpful for submission of Elemental Impurities data. Given that the USP <232/233> General Chapters became official on… Read More >

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