Gummies and Chocolates and Mints, OH MY!

After being in business for over 21 years, we see thousands of samples come through our doors. One of the more interesting (and delicious) type of sample is the candy our clients send us to test.

We’ve seen everything from fruit-flavored gummies to chocolate to peppermints- and all for good reason.

Candy Concern

In 1994, a high amount of lead was detected in an imported candy product. Because children are the main consumers of candy, many people were concerned about the manufacturing and packaging processes of all varieties of candy. This led the FDA to put more precautionary guidelines into effect to address the questions that were being asked.

Was the lead coming from certain ingredients? Was it from the machines used to make the candy? The wrappers they were enclosed in? You can read more about the FDA guidelines here.

Since then, companies that manufacture and distribute candy have the ability to choose to test everything that touches the process, from the ingredients they use to the very wrappers they choose.

Digesting the Deliciousness

Our laboratory uses several techniques in order to digest tougher samples like gummies and peppermints to prepare them for analysis. Through the addition of acid and heat (with the help of automated digestion systems and microwaves), we can mimic a similar environment the candies would eventually end up in- our stomachs! Once the candies are completely digested and in solution, we properly dilute them so they are ready for ICP analysis.

We’re Here to Keep You Safe!

Here at SGS we’re in business to serve you and your customers. Keeping consumers safe and healthy is our number one priority, and we love doing it! By staying up to date with FDA guidelines, you too can ensure that your products go through the proper and necessary testing steps before your products hit the shelves.

On behalf of the SGS team, we wish you a very Happy and SAFE Halloween!

For testing of metals in your food or beverage products, please contact Chemical Solutions either by calling us at (717) 697 –7536 or submitting a request.  Either way, we’ll respond promptly to your inquiry.

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