Prop 65: Its Effect on Businesses

Prop 65

It won’t be long before Proposition 65 will be in full effect. What exactly does that mean for businesses come August 30? Under the new safe harbor rules, there must be warning labels placed on said product that state several different things. First, the label must warn the user that they may be “exposed” to a specific chemical that is required to be listed by name. The label must also state whether the chemical is a reproductive toxicant, a carcinogen, or both. Interesting fact: If the product contains more than one chemical, the business is only required to identify one and not all chemicals within the product itself. Finally, the label is required to include the address for the new Prop 65 warning website,

For testing of metals or minerals in your product, please contact Chemical Solutions either by calling us at (717) 697 – 7536 or submitting a request via our web site  Either way, we’ll respond promptly to your inquiry.

To find out more about what business can expect with the new regulations under California’s Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986, also known as Proposition 65, click here.

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