Quality System: What’s In A Number?

Quality Control

Analytical Reports and Certificates of Analysis are linked to provide the end user a quality product.  The results obtained by an independent laboratory are critical to assuring your product meets your specifications.  Can I trust the value obtained to release my product?

Chemical Solutions is committed to providing the highest quality data.  This commitment is accomplished by maintaining a Quality System.  A Quality System is comprised of structured, managed quality control and quality assurance policies, objectives and infrastructures.  The system defines the subjective monitoring (Quality Assurance) and the objective monitoring (Quality Control).  At Chemical Solutions this system is a living document.  It is under constant review and improvement.

Quality Assurance is applied to many different operations within the laboratory.  Some areas include contract review with the client, personnel training, internal audits and procedure reviews. Quality Assurance is a continuous process.

Quality Control is completed with each sample received at Chemical Solutions.  Some of the controls used include reagent blanks to monitor for contamination, matrix spikes and control samples to check recovery, and duplicates to verify precision.  Instrument checks are performed on a routine basis through out the analyses to assure proper calibration.

Defendable, dependable data can only be obtained from a laboratory with a good Quality System.  Chemical Solutions has developed its Quality System around International Standards Organization, Good Manufacturing Practices, Good Laboratory Practices, and National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program guidelines.  Federal Drug Administration, National Science Foundation and Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection have audited the system against standards each governing body applies.

If you have any questions or need additional information about Chemical Solutions Quality System, please contact us at (717) 697-7536 or visit our website.

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