Five Things You May Not Know About CSL


When you hear ‘SGS’ what comes to mind?  Is it our company or is it something you learned in high school?  Well, for the companies that utilize our laboratory for the testing of their samples, our name is well-known and it’s synonymous with quality and efficiency.  For those of you who may be unfamiliar – or even for the businesses who have utilized our services – here are five things you may not know about CSL!

  1. We’re Busy. Running an analytical testing laboratory is full of activity!  We process, on average, over 3,000 samples per month. That’s over 36,000 samples per year from over 400 different customers.
  2. We Know a Thing or Two, Because We’ve Seen a Thing or Two. We utilize over 50 work instructions to handle just about any type of material you can send us.  If it can be digested, we’ve likely digested it!
  3. We’re Global.  We service customers from five of the seven continents!  Now, we just need to find clients in Australia and Antarctica, and it’ll be a clean sweep!
  4. We’re Growing.  CSL employees, or their spouses, will give birth to three new babies this year!  And no, this is not an extension of our apprenticeship program. 😊
  5. We’re Efficient. In August and September, we met or beat stated turnaround times 95% of the time!  In both months, we beat the TAT 76% of the time!

If you would like to more about our services, email us at or give us a call at (717) 697-7536.

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