Employee Spotlight: Kelsey Ellis, Client Support Manager

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Today, we are sitting down with Kelsey Ellis. Maintaining clear communication with our clients is key to Kelsey’s success at CSL. Kelsey also possesses a strong ability to analyze data, and is constantly on the lookout for new ways to improve workflow. Continue reading to find out more about Kelsey, Client Support Manager…

Looking down the road, where do you see the company in…

Five years? 

I see our company expanding our capabilities within the next five years. There are various areas that we can explore within our current expertise that will help us maintain our leading advantage in heavy metals analysis. For example, there are many benefits to separating and quantifying specific isotopes of elemental impurities, as certain isotopes can be more dangerous than others. By expanding our elemental analysis capabilities within five years to include isotope speciation, as well as other techniques, we may benefit many of our clients in all of the industries that we support.

10 years?  

In 10 years, I see SGS taking on analytical testing of all sorts. Although we currently pride ourselves in being a leader in elemental analysis, I feel with hard work and dedication we could expand our expertise and become a leader in a wide variety of analytical testing.

Based on the 68 elements on the periodic table that Chemical Solutions tests for, which element would you use to describe yourself? And why?

Although it may not necessarily ‘describe me,’ I think bismuth is a pretty cool element. It has uses in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and pigments. Not to mention, bismuth crystal is a gorgeous iridescent rainbow-like structure – and who doesn’t like rainbows? =)

Before working at CSL, what was the most unusual or interesting job you’ve ever had?

My degree is in Forensic and Toxicological Chemistry. While in school, and shortly thereafter, I worked alongside the laboratory technician in the Controlled Substance Unit of the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in Delaware. In my time at OCME, I learned so much and experienced so many unusual things. I was able to sit in on an autopsy (somewhat creepy, yet very interesting) and saw the craziest controlled substance evidence you could ever imagine!

Who is your biggest role model or mentor?

My biggest role model/mentor’s name is Bill Simonsick. He was the Principle Investigator that I worked with when I was an Associate Investigator with DuPont Chemicals and Fluoroproducts. He has since passed away, though in the few years that I worked with him, he taught me so many things and had such a big impact on my life. He was absolutely brilliant and always so much fun to be around. I hope that I can grow to acquire as much knowledge as he had while maintaining a positive, happy-go-lucky outlook on life.

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