CSL: Taking Customer Service and On-Time Results Seriously

At Chemical Solutions LTD, customer service is not just a priority – it’s our brand. We pride ourselves not only on producing quality data; but also, on consistently giving our clients excellent customer service.

Here are some of the things we’ve done proactively in the name of service:

customer serviceInvesting in new instruments. In addition to the technology we already employ, which you can read about here, we recently purchased another Perkin Elmer Elan DRC ICP-MS. Why?  We didn’t need the DRC to handle current throughput; however, in February we had an unprecedented experience of losing two turbopumps on two Elan-series instrument simultaneously.  We vowed not to lose that kind of capacity again – thus the purchase of our sixth ICP-MS.  We also purchased two new UltraWAVE microwave digestion instruments, bringing our total to four.  Again, this was to provide backup so that our lab would never be caught without the capacity needed to process your samples.

Preparing backup. We take on-time results seriously! Even though we haven’t experienced an extended power outage in the 21-year history of SGS we wanted to make sure that in the event we do…we’re covered! Late last year, we installed our CAT 175 kW generator, which will provide our lab enough juice to keep it running in the event of a major power outage.  We also just installed a new NAS storage device with Acronis backup software.  In addition to the redundant RAID-5 server we installed last year, this software and NAS will allow us to rebuild any instrument PC or our server within hours, in the event of a catastrophic failure.

Recent Performance.  Despite these efforts, at times we don’t perform to the level we aspire.  During the past few months, several customers have received more than their share of late results.  For years, we had regularly-produced on-time (or ahead of time) results +95% of the time, until recently, when we saw that percentage drop into the 80s.  We are not proud of that, and we’re acutely aware of the issues that are created, for our clients, when results are not reported on a timely basis.  Please know that we are committed to getting those results back to – and above – the levels you had come to know and trust.

Many thanks for your patience and confidence while we work through these issues.  If ever you need assistance tracking down a result or getting the status on your sample(s), please feel free to contact our Client Support team, and we’ll do our best to help.

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