CSL-Produced Data Makes Its Way into Tox Study

Tox Study

At the Society of Toxicology’s Annual Meeting and ToxExpo, McGill University students and professors presented their Poster Board: ‘Tungsten Targets Bone Resorption by Enhancing Osteoclasts in the Bone.’

McGill’s samples were sent to CSL for analysis of trace levels of tungsten.

The use of tungsten is increasing with the advancement of technologies, but despite its widespread use, little is known of the health consequences of tungsten exposure. McGill has researched various effects of tungsten by modeling populations who may have experienced higher exposure to tungsten, such as veterans who had sustained injuries involving tungsten-laden shrapnel, and people living in areas where tungsten is found in unusually high levels.  McGill’s work, as it relates to the health effects of tungsten, has been published in Toxicological Sciences, the official journal of the Society of Toxicology.

It’s refreshing to see the real-life application of the data we produce, at CSL Labs, in meaningful studies. Read more from McGill’s published research…

In Vivo Tungsten Exposure Alters B-Cell Development and Increases DNA Damage in Murine Bone Marrow. Click here to read. 

Tungsten Targets the Tumor Microenvironment to Enhance Breast Cancer Metastasis. Click here to read.

 If you have research studies involving trace elemental analysis, check out our Toxicology page.

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