CSL Team Thrives with Adoption of the Predictive Index

Predictive Index

The team at Chemical Solutions recently participated in the Predictive Index (PI)™ assessment through Predictive Synergistic Systems. The concept of the PI is to understand our behavioral drives and motivating needs, which affect all aspects of our work.

Brian LaBine, President of CSL says that PI is used as a way to help people understand and appreciate behavioral differences in each other, as well as a Predictor of ‘fit’ for new hires.

“People can be brilliant, kind, hard-working, and ethical, but if we place them in a position that doesn’t fit well with how they’re wired, they won’t be happy long-term,” he says. “Conversely, when the fit is there, it makes for an even better work environment, where people thrive.”

LaBine says he likes to put his PI card on his door, so people can better understand how he best communicates, and how best to communicate with him.  “We want this to be a fun, helpful tool for everyone here at CSL, and to celebrate differences within our team,” he explains.

Francine Walker, Technical Director for CSL agrees. She admits that she was not familiar with PI Behavioral Assessment before CSL participated in the process, but she’s found it a surprisingly helpful tool with which to help them understand and communicate more effectively with each other.

“When performing ‘root cause’ analyses of issues that arise in the laboratory, it is amazing how often ‘communication issues’ are implicated,” she explains. “It [PI] has allowed people to approach each other with a greater understanding of their own behavioral style, and that of their peers, such that connections are made in a more objective way.”

According to Walker, it’s common to hear conversations that begin with explanations such as, “You know my Low C tendencies aren’t going to make it easy for me to wait for that approval, so can you possibly get to that a bit more quickly?”  She concludes, “Individuals who once perceived differences as weaknesses or annoyances now recognize that people are simply ‘wired differently’ and there are definite advantages to those differences!”

As a result of the PI, the CSL team has a better awareness of their strengths. They understand how to communicate with others, and as LaBine likes to say, treat others as they would like to be treated.

Click here to learn more about the Predictive Index (PI)™ assessment.

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