Francine Walker, Speaks about Lead in Drinking Water

During the Is Your Drinking Water Lead-Free segment on ABC27 news, Francine Walker, our Technical Director, speaking to some of the issues involving lead in drinking water.  ABC sent samples to us for analysis, and followed with some footage shot at SGS along with comments from Francine. Excerpt from the story: Francine Walker of Chemical Solutions LTD, an analytical testing lab in Harrisburg, says the biggest concern of lead in drinking water is the effect it has on children. “It causes hyperactivity in children, lower IQ, a lot of developmental disorders that can be linked to lead exposure,” Walker said. But lead is colorless and odorless. Finding out if it’s in your water can be tricky. “The only way, really, to know that is to have your water tested by a testing laboratory,” Walker said. Read the full story on ABC27 News  


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